Last February 15th, a new promotion of students started our Integrated ATPL Course.

In this new group we have international students coming from several countries such as Turkey, Bahrain, Italy, Qatar and Spain. They have met other class students coming from Argentina, Lybia, Lebanon and a large list of countries.

The multi-cultural and international atmosphere at Barcelona Flight School is another added value in their formation not only as an Airline Pilots but as a open-minded, mature persons.

The Integrated ATPL course allow the students to get the ATPL License in a 18 months period, completing 795 Ground School hours and 205 Flight hours. The final phase is the MCC (Multi Crew Coordination) course flying a Full Motion A-320 simulator.

There are four starting dates year-round, last February 15th was the first one in 2016 and will follow May 16th, September 12th and November 14th.

IMG_0223 IMG_0222