The third 2016 promotion of our Professional Pilot course is starting in a couple of weeks.


If you have decided to become an Airline Pilot, don’t wait more and go ahead to contact us. If you hurry up, you’ll still be able to enroll in this new promotion, starting next September 12th.

The new class is more international than ever, with more than 30 new students coming from more than 15 different countries.

Aside from spanish and nationals from nearing countries, this time we welcome students coming to Barcelona Flight School from as far away as:

  • Bahrain
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Maldives
  • Lybia
  • Slovenia
  • Malaysia


They will take advantage of our big fleet, excellent meteorological conditions, nice location and professional instructors and will complete the ATPL course in a 18-24 months period.

They will join a number of students coming all around the world that already live and study in an international environment at our facilities in Sabadell Airport, 20 minutes far from Barcelona city center.


Contact us using this form, or call us at +34 937 101 952 and discover how easy is to start your professional career as an Airline Pilot with us.