The purpose of the course is, through the technical-practical program, to meet the knowledge, in- flight instruction, expertise and experience requirements necessary to qualify licensed pilots to sailplane towing.

  • Sailplane towing Regulations
  • Necessary Equipment
  • Towing Tecniques

With LAPL(S) License or SPL

  • Adaptation to Trailers
  • Ascents, Turns and take offs
  • Emergencies
  • Basic Maneuvers & Extreme Positions

Without LAPL(S) or SPL License

  • Familiarization in Sailplane
  • Adaptation to trailer
  • Trailer Takeoffs, ascents and turns
  • Emergencies
  • Basic Maneuvers
  • Extreme position

The duration of the Flying Phase:

  • License Owner: 5 hours
  • With No License: 6 hours

The Theoretical knowlegement is 4 hours


Applicants must comply with the following:

  • Minimum the PPL, TMG or higher
  • Medical Certificate Class 1 or 2

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